Esthea clinic – Private clinic specialised in aesthetic surgery at Liège, Belgium

Esthea clinic is a private clinic specialised in aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

Our medical and surgical staff are experienced, qualified and provide quality treatment.

All the products used at Esthea clinic (injectable products, implants, prostheses, etc.) comply with the highest medical standards and are 100% safe.

Our plastic doctors and surgeons will always suggest the most effective, appropriate and gentle treatment, at the right price, and avoid, as far as possible, heavy surgical procedures. For instance, botulinum toxin and filling products have been a good alternative to lift surgeries for many years now. New techniques such as carboxytherapy can replace liposuction surgery to treat small fatty tissues. Carboxytherapy is also an efficient treatment against stretch marks, cellulite and skin slackening.

However, in some cases, plastic surgery will be the best solution. We will then see to it that things go as smoothly as possible. Many operations can indeed be performed under local anaesthetic, sometimes under (mild) sedation.

Our surgeons are acknowledged by the medical college of Belgium and bear the title of plastic surgeon.

They work in modern and well-equipped operating theatres meeting all safety standards. Our doctors and dentists are acknowledged by the medical college as well and are specialists in aesthetic medicine, anti-aging medicine, nutrition and cosmetic dentistry.

Our surgical procedures take place at the day clinic. Nevertheless, if you want to or if you have a long journey back home, it is also possible to find accommodation at a hotel near Esthea clinic, under supervision of our medical staff.

Easily accessible, Esthea clinic, is located near the interchange of Alleur (Liège), on the E40 motorway (exit 32), in front of the Makro superstore. A large car park is at your disposal. Because of the proximity of the Liège and Maastricht airports and the Guillemins railway station, our clinic is also accessible to patients from abroad.