Liposuction / (vibro) liposculpture

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Liposuction / (vibro) liposculpture

Liposuction is the most performed operation in the world.
The first liposuction treatments date back to 1980. At that time, surgeons used big cannulas, which could only remove deep fat, with poor aesthetic results (corrugated iron effect). Liposuction techniques have improved and thinner cannulas are now used. The emphasis is now put on liposculpture and on body reshaping and sculpting rather than on just removing excess fat, as it was in the past. Liposculpture is an art form in itself and restores a harmonious silhouette.

We use the vibroliposculpture method, which is now the most modern, the most efficient and the less traumatic technique.

• Procedure
Vibroliposculpture is generally performed under local anesthesia. Sterile saline containing an anesthetic solution is injected through small incisions in the fat layer in order to make the fat swell up on the area to be treated.
The fat is then fractionated and emulsified by a vibrating probe.
La vibro-liposculpture autorise également le traitement des zones délicates (genoux, mollets, fesses…) avec grande précision.
The fat suction therefore takes place more gently, using thinner cannulas that do not damage surrounding tissues (blood vessels, nerves, elastic fibers, etc.), cause less bruising and allow the skin to retract more easily (lifting effect). This liposuction technique ensures that deep and superficial fat can be removed.

Vibroliposculpture allows treating sensitive areas (knee, calf, buttocks, etc.) with great precision.

Depending on the areas to be treated, vibroliposculpture surgeries take 1 to 3 hours.

• Postoperative care
You will be able to go home on the day of the liposculpture surgery.
You will have to wear compression garments during about a month, in order to reposition the skin and prevent it from swelling. The vibrations used during the surgery help the skin to retract as well.
Massages such as lymph drainage are recommended after the surgery in order to eliminate oedemas and accelerate the healing process.

• Results
The scars are tiny and will disappear within a few months.
Adipocytes (fat cells) are removed with the fat that they contain and do not regenerate after puberty.
The results are therefore permanent. However, the remaining adipocytes may increase in volume due to poor eating habits.