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Breast enlargement – Breast implants

Breast implants
Breast augmentation consists of placing a silicone, hydrogel or saline implant behind the breast. Besides the nature of the filling substance, other criteria such as the width or size of the implant will determine the final results. The first surgical consultation is therefore very important. Your surgeon will give you all the details and explanations in order to help you choose the right prosthesis.

• Safety
The breast prostheses that we use comply with the highest medical standards and are 100% safe.
Moreover, scientific research has confirmed that there is no link between breast implants and breast cancer or other serious illnesses.

• Procedure
Breast enlargement surgeries are more and more performed under local anesthesia (under sedation) and in outpatient facilities.
The implant is placed behind the mammary gland, either on the pectoralis muscle or under the muscle.
Such decision will be taken according to the thickness of the breast tissue and the size of the implant.
In this way, the surgeon will be able to examine the mammary gland normally.
In order to insert the implant, an incision is made either in the underside of the nipple area or along the natural crease of the breast or in the armpit.
The surgery produces lifting effect and leaves very little scarring.

• Postoperative care
You will be able to go home on the day of the surgery. You will have to wear a special bra for about one month to hold the prostheses in position and prevent swelling.
If the implants are placed on the muscle, your breast will generally be painful for one to two days (to three to six days in case of submuscular prostheses). A simple analgesic will be sufficient to relieve the pain.
You will be able to resume normal activities after a few days so long as you do not carry heavy loads. Wait one month before attempting sports.

• Results
If you will already get some idea of your breast augmentation after a few days, the final results will only be visible after about one month.